The Flute Doctor Is In
Mark Vickers, Ph.D.
The Flute Doctor Is In
The Flute Doctor Is In
Fine Flute Repair
Mark Vickers, Ph.D.

Fine Flute Repair

From beginner to professional level flutes
Muramatsu Handmade Flute Overhaul Begins
The process begins by disassembling the flute followed by cleaning, buffing and polishing, repadding, replacing felts and corks, oiling, reassembling, final adjustments, and final polishing.
Completed Overhaul
The flute fully reassembled and ready to play!

Flute Repair

  1. Having a flute that is in top working order is important for any flutist. Having been a flutist myself for over 40 years, I fully understand that need. A performer's concentration should be on expressing musical ideas and not on trying to get a faulty flute to work.
  2. Noticing that a repairman that understands fine flutes has been difficult to find in Connecticut throughout my performance career, I decided it was time to help fill that void. After doing minor fixes on countless flutes as a public school band director, I decided to broaden my knowledge.
  3. At the Vermont Guild of Flute Making, under the guidance of fine flute craftsman, Jonathon Landell, I learned the finer points of flute repair. Now confident with working on fine flutes, I offer my services to you.

Professional and Amateur Flutists

I bring a well adjusted and playable instrument into your hands for your live performance.
  • Over 40 years of experience playing the flute and developing an understanding of flute mechanics
  • Services include basic adjustments to full overhauls, student through professional level flutes
  • Studied with flute craftsman, Jonathon Landell at the Vermont Guild of Flute Making, Landell Flutes
  • Contact me at [email protected],  call 860-918-3816, or simply proceed to the  contact me page
  • Serving central CT and surrounding areas
  • Free consultation and estimate
  • Also available as a performer
  • Works diligently to make sure the flute is playing its best
After being a flutist for over 40 years, playing professionally and with community groups along with being a music educator for over 35 years, I decided to expand my knowledge of flute repair.  I can now perform basic adjustments and repairs as well as complete overhauls.  My wealth of knowledge about flute playing and performance expectations helps in guiding my repair work.

While a flute is an inanimate machine, it becomes an extension of the performer as that performer breathes life into the instrument and in turn brings music to life.  Flutists often think of their flute almost as if it were a family member.  I treat every flute that crosses my bench with that respect and sense of caring in mind.