The Flute Doctor Is In
Mark Vickers, Ph.D.
The Journey of Mark Vickers, Ph.D.
Mark began his life as a musician at age 8 in the third grade when someone brought an accordion to school for show and tell.  He was completely enthralled by it and began taking lessons.  By seventh grade, he became more interested in piano when a beat up upright in need of serious repair entered the house.  In eighth grade he saw many of his friends  going off to band and wanted to join them.  His director smiled when he said he wanted to join the band and played accordion and told him that he needed to play a band instrument if he was to join.  It was the flute that took his interest and he was playing with the band after a few months of study.  His teacher said that she had never seen someone progress so rapidly, most likely due to his previous instrumental training.  After four years of playing flute in the band and piano in the jazz ensemble, he entered the University of Bridgeport as a music education major pursuing a career as a high school band director, majoring on flute while still pursuing jazz piano and jazz studies.  During his 35 year career as a public school music educator, with 30 years spent at the high school level, he completed a Master's of Music Education degree in 1985 and Doctor of Philosophy in Music degree in 2015 at the Hartt School of Music, University of Hartford.  During his master's degree studies, his emphasis was in flute performance, studying with Stanley Aronson and John Wion.  In addition, he spent four years from 1982-1986 traveling to Brewster, New York  where he studied privately with world-renowned flutist, Julius Baker at his home.  Presently he is co-principal flutist with the Connecticut Valley Symphony Orchestra and is co-director of the New York Flute Club Ensemble Program.  He is currently on faculty at the University of Bridgeport as an adjunct music education professor where he directs the UB Knights' Ensemble and UB Flute Choir along with teaching various music education courses.  He was always intrigued by the mechanincs of instruments and now is enjoying  his life-long ambition of flute repair having fixed flutes for his band students numerous times over the years and after being formally trained by fine flute craftsman, Jonathon Landell at the Vermont Guild for Flute Making.  For further information on Mark, go to .


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