The Flute Doctor Is In
Mark Vickers, Ph.D.

The Flute Doctor Is In

Fine Flute Repair
Mark Vickers, Ph.D.

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Free Evaluation and Consultation
  1. Evaluation and Consultation
    This is the best place to start. The flute should be looked at through magnification to assess pads and look for possible leaks. Many problems are not visible to the naked eye. While some leaks are automatically apparent, using a feeler and leak light is much more efficient at spotting possible leaks that are in need of repair.
  2. Mechanism Adjustments
    Over time through normal playing, the flute can go out of adjustment and develop minute leaks. Keys become bent, adjustment screws move, pads wear, felts compress. Sometimes it only takes moving an adjustment screw ever so slightly to bring the flute back to its optimum playing level.
  3. Repadding the Flute
    Over time pads dry up and wear out. Rather than changing pads on an as need basis, there comes a time when pads should all be replaced simultaneously. Adjustments are made to compensate for the new padding. The flute is then regulated and adjusted. This does not include the detailed work of a complete overhaul and focuses on the pads only.
  4. Pad, Cork, Felt, Spring Replacement
    Sometimes the glue has dried up and a cork or felt has fallen off and become lost that now needs to be replaced. A spring could get caught on a blouse or shirt, break off, and need replacing. It could be that the skin on the pad has finally broken through causing the pad to leak and require replacing.
  5. COA - Cleaning, Oiling, Adjusting
    This is fundamental and crucial to keeping a flute in good working order. It starts with disassembling the flute, thoroughly cleaning all of the parts, oiling the mechanism, and adjusting the flute back into optimal playing condition. All pads are checked and replaced as necessary. It is always suggested that this is done on a yearly basis thereby prolonging the life of the flute.
  6. Complete Overhaul
    This is the most deluxe service available. The mechanism is disassembled, cleaned, and oiled. All pads, felts, and corks are completely replaced. Scratches and dents are removed. Swedging as necessary. The flute is buffed and polished at the discretion of the flute owner either on a machine or by hand. This service is meant to bring the flute as close to new condition as possible.